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Passionate About Creating Relationships And Products

Our portfolio focuses mainly on the furniture industry. We have created a platform for both our suppliers and our customers serving them with; knowledge-sharing, one-stop shopping and cross-selling. The platform provides us a high degree of effectiveness in the exercise of our support tasks.

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The products we offer are parts in: plywood, solid wood, aluminum, polymers (various plastics), steel and polyurethane. We also offer a complementary product range that includes gas springs, massage systems, lumbar support, furniture casters, upholstery solutions and surface techniques.

Together with our suppliers we can offer our clients assistance in: development, sampling and tool construction with the aim of mass production and long-term cooperation. Our suppliers have development departments where we can work on prototypes, technical drawings, tooling and sample series together with the customer.

Furthermore, we play an active role (with our partners) in establishing contact between industrial designers and the manufacturing industry. A good example is the Becker Design Forum where industrial design is shown to the industry. With this success formula numerous industrial designs have been put on the market.

Please contact us for your questions, requests and developments!

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